Slavery is and was, quite astoundingly, always a very common action in the world. Great companies use slaves to create their products, and the rich families use them for everyday living. ‘Use’; it is disgusting that the inhabitants of a nation dissimilar to the Europeans were forced to act as slaves in the age of, say, Imperialism; and yet these bondsmen were no less a people than any people, only they were thus accepted not, or they were accepted as humans, only not humans of importance. Of course, these slaves could of have been technologically, morally and socially not sophisticated, but they are people of faith and culture nonetheless, and they hold the most fundamental power that constructs us as humans: emotion and the intellectual potential.
First, the Europeans landed on a new world of brilliance and fascination, gazing upon a people utterly different from themselves: ‘who are these black people dressed in absurd fashion’. And the other look at the arrivers in similar fashion, and slowly the cultures start to obtain knowledge of one another; and once the Europeans see an advantage of territorial and economic power, the conflict starts, bringing a conclusion that puts the natives under the terms of defeated and thereupon slaves. The slave transport starts; stuffed in a small condensed area- in which they are deprived from food and the simple necessities of life- and arriving at last in a new world, where they are dragged to their tormented work, all these sufferers can think of is hope of a better life for their children. They express this in an agitated mental and physical fight to upkeep their own life only to sacrifice all for their breed. And so they somehow manage, generation after generation of social denial. These are the slaves, people forced away from their homes as well as culture, and being used for a thing most loathsome.

Moral Perception

The criminal’s crime is morally correct, as are the legitimate laws that are accepted and ethical by the majority of the world. The criminal’s mind is irrational to this majority, and therefore not very perceptible. How can one think the act of killing just? It is rather difficult; yet even if it is accepted thus by one of the majority, and the significant perspective of the moral lawbreaker is adopted, there still exists the other essential emotion of those who mourn; and thereupon this dominant perspective must be accepted as well, most likely defeating the former, as it is lawfully correct. This moral situation causes inequity to the individuals of this world

A Discussion About God

The two sat down in the café. One was a man from a Christian religious family, while the other a scientific philosopher.

The truth-seeker started the conversation, “Do you believe in God?” He asked.
“Explain your meaning of God,” The second said, and continued, “If you are suggesting the God of my parent’s belief, to which they pray, seeking help, then I can tell you that my family are devoting themselves to something meaningless, for God is not a personal God.”
The scientist said, nodding his head with interest, “Yes… ‘God is not a personal God’. He is the creator of mathematical formations and formulations, resulting in the physical world around us, which is explained by science. But there is a problem with that… how does sentiment and thought come to be? Are these two creations of formula and science? Or are they explained by something yet unexplainable? Perhaps we beings are the developers of these two phenomena, at times discovering new feelings. If these, who seem so non-physical, so non-methodical… if these are not the creation of God’s creational formula, then how could the universe have been illustrated, and is still being illustrated through a systematic, ordered and explained by science method.”

Emotion is a very bewildering and startling non-physical phenomenon, especially the most unpredicted, for example the melancholic excitement or jumpy excitement which, also, in this case, is a sort of saddening one, though not too gentle, sometimes resulting in the physical self-abuse. This rather disturbing type of thrill, arousing jumpiness, which may come from nervousness, fear or excitement; an optimistic joy or rather pessimistic sadness, is a very confusing sentiment.

There is always a subconscious process to produce an upsetting thrill or any other feeling, and the result is a bit, understandable, though at the same time paradoxically incomprehensible, as is the process itself.

The little insight of comprehending is not why, not what, but the how we feel this emotion; which is sometimes the weight of a deep thrill on your mind, causing your eyes to instinctively close slightly, the so much motion in your chest, causing tiredness, yet not the sleepy type.

This is as much as I can explain of the phenomenon of this remarkable and eccentric feeling, and of course there is much more to it, but me being 13 years old, cannot explain it. One might think that he can understand why we have a feeling, but I disagree. He can go one by one deeper and deeper, clarifying every step that caused the one after, which can continue infinitely, and yet in every of the steps, your enlightening speculation may have a fault which one later discovers or does not. But this is still just the ‘how’ it came to be that this step took place; we do not know why it is that the result took place.

As for what, one can distinguish between different emotions, giving it a different description, but feeling is always complicated. For example, every type of sadness one has is always different from the other.    

Although there is much bewilderment in feeling, the process and the result, is, in spite of the bafflement, perfection.

My Quotes

God is the creator of formations through his unimaginable program, computer-wise speaking, resulting in the physical world that is explained by science and mathematics.

God is not a personal God; He is indifferent towards the individuals of this world.

The Creator is only Creator, not a Housemaid nor a Judge.

God created a program that would paint this universe, giving it the skill to change its form, that which is explained by scientific means, and evolve itself to have different qualities; but The Creator does not interfere in our everyday life.

Some, who develop in themselves the notion that they live a routine life, feel melancholic disappointment and dullness.

No man is of importance in this confusing and broad world, but only those who are conscious of this existential predicament undergo suffering.

Consciousness is the fundament of truth, and the fundament of suffering, yet also the fundament of happiness.

The point of life is to live happily, but how can you live happily if you do not know the point of life?

In every social institution, one must deceive to achieve a high social status.

Many times knowledge limits imagination and the seeing of the world in fascination as well as emotion.

According to my experience there are only two things that influence the psycho: medicine and magicians.